The Whitehills community Centre


The Whitehills Community Centre evolved after Gateshead Council circulated a leaflet asking if anyone was interested in taking over  the old Materials Testing Laboratory as an assett transfer. Several parties met at the premises and were shown around by the property services and the local ward Councillor Tom Graham. 

Felling Warriors Boxing Club were the only group large enough to tackle such a project as they had the skills and manpower within there membership to do something with the building.

Although after looking at the Councils  estimated price of works which needed to be carried out to make the building safe  £320.000 the Warriors declined the offer. 

The Boxing Club had been established for 23yrs on and around Sunderland Rd in Felling, but only had around £7000 in their account after selling there boxing ring, but could see the potential in the area, not only to build a home for there club but a whole community hub.

After receiving advice from Gateshead Council on a 5yr business plan and the Councils  insistence to change the  Clubs  constitution to make it a stronger more responsible and accountable organisation. 

In January 2014 Warriors Community Projects was created as a CIO Registered Charity No:1155362.

The Charities Trustees (will be) responsible for the building and everything which goes on within the premise and its grounds.

Felling Warriors Boxing/Thai-Boxing Club are now centre users, but are also the volunteers and  financial backers for development of the centre, which is now thriving with several community groups growing and adding to the strength, structure and future of this community centre.


 The Whitehills Centre aims to be at the heart of the community, providing activity and training space for older people, families, children and young people, as well as opportunities for volunteering. Residents will be enabled to have a positive impact on their community, strengthening community life as well as having an opportunity for interaction with other local people.