The Whitehills community Centre



Park Run

Coming soon; Our Park Run will be a part of the national movement involving all fitness abilities and family. An ideal way to get out there in your local nature park and enjoy a run at your best pace with friends and neighbours. 

Digital Day

Our Digital Day in partnership with HMRC

is coming soon.

An enjoyable and informative day for all to learn how to navigate on your computing devices and smartphones.

Boot Camp

Not only will you be enjoying the fresh air, meeting new people and enjoying the benefits of personal training for much less, you'll also be burning a whole lot of calories in our early morning Boot Camp. 

Coming this Spring to The Whitehills Centre.


EVERMORE SOLUTIONS are providing comprehensive support for people who want to study at higher education levels within our community internet cafe.

For anyone who has a permanent injury, long term physical or mental health condition or disability.

All courses are distance learning(online) and may be studied part time. They also provide non medical support and resources to assist you in your studies.

Application and funding advice          [email protected]

Parent and Toddler Group
From arts and craft to story time, our parent and toddler group is well a established group run by a team of local volunteers. Parents are welcome to come along with their children from 0 to 4 years and enjoy and a playful and exciting morning with other young children.

Monday 9:30am -11:30am
Wednesday 9:30am - 11:30am
£1.70 per child (30p extra for other siblings)

Ladies Fitness Class
Our ladies fitness class is suitable for  the beginner Ladies Fitness and Circuit training provide an opportunity to improve your overall fitness as well as achieve your weight goals, with these full body work outs. Ideal for building strength, endurance and toning up and feeling good about yourself.

Our Active Mum  group, gives new mums with one year olds and under a chance to exercise with their babies in pushchairs, in a structured fitness class. Mums will  be exploring the local nature parks and burning calories at the same time as meeting other mums in a friendly environment  . A great way to get back in shape after pregnancy, as our coach Toni Phillips can testify after just been given the green light by the doctor to start training again after giving birth to her son Keaton.
Then why not hang back after the session and join the other mums for a cup of tea/coffee afterwards.
Circuit Training                                          Ladies Fitness                             Get Active Mums                                                                                                                                                                                                    TUESDAY'S 6pm-7pm              
                                                                      £3 per session                            


Every Thursday 12 till 1.15pm

Two course meal, juice and tea or coffee all rapped up with some good conversation around the table all for the price of £2.00

Meals prepared and cooked on the premises may contain allergens 

Lifting Fifties Fitness Class 

A friendly and welcoming class for those looking for a less strenuous way to get fit and become more active. This class is a fun opportunity to improve your fitness within the community around friends and neighbors.

Tuesday 10:30am - 11:30am

£3 per session

For more details or to book a place please contact us:  0191 4690852       07736036547

Beginners Ukulele Group

Ever wanted to learn a new talent?
Our Ukulele class is ideal for people who are wanting to learn or develop the talent among others with an interest and passion for music. The teacher has being involved with several Ukulele bands and is very passionate about music. Which usually rubs of on others when around him.

Wednesday 7pm - 9pm
Free to attend

Ladies Group

If you'd like to share as well as pick up new skills; sewing, cooking, crocheting and much more. Then this is the group for you, you'll get a chance to interact with like minded people with scrumptious cakes and pies to sample.
 Then whatever 's left over, the Boxing Group gladly dispose of!!

Internet Cafe open 6days a week Free!

Tuesday's "Ancestry Class"

Come along and find out where YOUR Ancestry Tree has grown from, get advice and guidance from 

our tutor Alex Smith 2-3pm

Slimming World

Every Thursday HERE at the centre 7pm till 9pm

Come along and Sign up with our friendly representative

Chevonne : 07814668955

Email: [email protected]

The family friendly way to lose weight 


Whether your a skilled boxer or never worn a glove, our Boxing classes are suitable for everyone. Enter a world of extreme training, our dedicated and experienced Boxing Trainers will push you to the limits to maximise your potential and your results.

Our experienced skilled professional trainers have been competing on the international circuits for many years, so know what it takes to make a great fighter.

If you want to try something different and ultimately challenging, then come along to one of our classes.



Monday         5pm - 6pm (9 to 15 years)     | 6pm - 7pm (16+ years)

Wednesday   5pm - 6pm (9 to 15 years)    | 6pm - 7pm (16+ years)

Friday            5pm - 6pm (9 to 15 years)     | 6p - 7pm (16+ years)

Sunday         10am - 11am (9 to 15 years)    | 11am - 12pm (16+ years)

£3 per session

Little Warriors

Our little warriors group isn't as challenging or intense as senior or junior boxers. The 4 to 6 year olds would be placed through sets of fun fitness and team building activities, educating them to take instructions. The session would also focus on the fundamentals of rough play as a method to get the young people comfortable and ready for boxing as they grow.

Thursday 5pm - 5:45pm

£3 per session

Muay Thai- Boxing & K1 Kick Boxing

Come and learn some stand-up striking as well as various clinching techniques. This class will teach you to be quick and sharp with a combination of your fist, knees, elbows and shins used.

our trainers will put you through the paces challenge you to dig deeper.

All are welcome to give this a try.... You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday                                                               | 6pm - 7pm (9 to 15 years)     | 7pm - 8:20pm (16+)

Thursday        5pm - 5:45pm (4 to 6 years)  | 6pm - 7pm (9 to 15 years)     | 7pm - 8:20pm (16+)

Sunday                                                                 | 11am to 12pm (16+)

£3 for 15 and under

£4 for 16+

 Mixed Martial Arts

Want to improve your fitness in an exciting and challenging way. Why not try MMA, the fastest growing sport in the world, suitable for all abilities. Using a combination of stand-up and ground fighting techniques, this elite combat sport is an incredibly exciting way of getting fit and conditioning the body to peak physical condition.

All classes consist of a high degree of cardio, structured around MMA movements and cage drills involved within the fight game, within these sessions, members are expected to learn how to attack, defend, evade and overcome any technique which may be used against them in the cage.

Wednesday  7:10pm - 8:30pm (15+)
Sunday         11am - 12pm (15+)
£4 per session